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 Armenia Spirited - Explore the Essentials of Armenia (4 days)
Tour Duration
4 days, 3 nights

Tour Brief
This journey will give you a chance to learn about the culture, history and people of one of the oldest nations in the world. Throughout history Armenia neighbored such countries as Assyria, Parthia and Rome. In addition to the cultural program you will have the opportunity to meet locals living in patriarchal villages, taste delicious food made locally of organic products, try the best Armenian drinks, including wine, brandy and the famous mulberry vodka. After only a few days in Armenia, you will leave with unforgettable experiences, learning and appreciating her rich culture.

410 USD 350 USD
Tour cost is listed per person, Double accommodation in hotels, and includes:
a) Quality hotel accommodations, b) Tour transportation and transfers, c) Half board (breakfast and lunch), d) Entrance fees to cultural and historical monuments, e) Travel Insurance, f) Services of an English-speaking Tour Guide.
Tour cost DOES NOT include airflight to and from Yerevan. Single supplement is 80 USD.

Yerevan 4*

Tour Program:
Haghpat Monastery (founded in the X c., UNESCO w.h. site)
Lake Sevan, a unique freshwater deposit at 2000 m. above the sea level
Armenian brandy (cognac) tasting at Yerevan Cognac Factory (founded in 1887)
The pagan temple of Sun or Mithra (I c. AD) in Garni mountains to the east of Yerevan (© Matthew Levin)

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Narekavank in News
October 10, 2012 STAR: Free trip to Western Armenia
On the initiative of STAR trade chain, a trip to Western Armenia was accomplished, in which about 50 STAR customers and employees participated. Through this campaign, STAR aimed...

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