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 At Crossroads of History - Historical Armenia, Nemrut, Mesopotamia and Cilicia (11 days)
Tour Duration
11 days, 10 nights

Tour Brief
Visit the place where King Nimrod of Babylon threw Abraham into the fire, but God turned fire into water, and coal into fish. See a UNESCO site Mount Nemrut by the Euphrates, hosting huge statues of Hellenistic gods. Tour the city of Urfa – the birthplace of Abraham. Learn about ancient cultures, the Assyrians, Urartians and Romans, see glorious monuments created by them. Visit the churches of the first Christian communities, the places where Apostles Peter and Paul preached. Walk by the gate where Cleopatra met Mark Antony, see the place where Alexander the Great defeated Darius' army. Explore fortresses of the Crusaders, Urartians and Byzantines that have rock-carved inscriptions of Cilician Armenian kings. You can do all of these if you take this journey.

1050 USD 990 USD

Sarikamis / Kars, Van, Mush, Diyarbakir / Urfa / Antep, Sis / Adana, Iskenderun / Samandag / Musadag, Nemrut / Kahta, Erzurum / Sarikamis

Tour Program:

Start DateEnd DatePriceStatus
23 Sept. 20193 Oct. 20191050 USD 990 USD

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Narekavank in News
April 05, 2013 Turkish businessmen protest cancelation of Yerevan-Van flights
The businessmen in Van, Turkey, reacted strongly to the Turkish authorities\' decision to cancel - without even starting - the direct flights between Yerevan and Van...

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