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 Historical Western Armenia - Return to Lost Homeland (7 days)
Tour Duration
7 days, 6 nights

Tour Brief
This is a journey to celebrated Armenian cultural monuments on the other side of river Araks (in the territory of Turkey), walk in the streets of Kars and medieval Ani, rest on wonderful Akhtamar island, see miraculous Mount Nemrut and Mush Valley, admire the tallest “khachqars” cross-stones by Yerznka.

550 USD

Sarikamis / Kars, Van, Mush / Erzrum

Tour Program:
View of Kars from the fortress
Ruins of Ani, Holy Mother of God Cathedral, Citadel
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7

Start DateEnd DatePriceStatus
29 Jun. 20195 Jul. 2019550 USDAssembling
2 Aug. 20198 Aug. 2019550 USD
9 Aug. 201915 Aug. 2019550 USDAssembling
16 Aug. 201922 Aug. 2019550 USDAssembling
14 Sept. 201920 Sept. 2019550 USD
23 Sept. 201923 Sept. 2019550 USDAssembling

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Narekavank in News
March 30, 2013 Armenian MP expresses his dissatisfaction, to influential Turkish friends
If Turkey gives in to Azerbaijan with respect to the Yerevan-Van direct flights, this would mean Azerbaijan’s scepter of influence hangs upon Turkey’s head. Prosperous Armenia Party MP Aragats Akhoyan, who is actively engaged in cultural activities in Eastern Turkey...


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